With the rapid development of high pressure plunger pump industry, how to seize the opportunity to a

发表时间:2019-04-12 14:25

High pressure plunger pump is the core component of hydraulic equipment. It is a positive displacement pump. It can transfer liquid by means of the periodic change of solvent in the working chamber. At present, high pressure plunger pump is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, petroleum, construction, shipbuilding, sugar, paper and other industries.

The author learned that the high-pressure plunger pump is also known as the "heart" of the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system is one of the key components of the equipment manufacturing industry. According to the relevant data statistics, 95% of the construction machinery, 90% of the CNC machining centers and more than 95% of the automatic lines in developed countries adopt hydraulic transmission technology. It can be said that all occasions with mechanical equipment, are inseparable from the hydraulic system.

There are many characteristics of high-pressure piston pump, such as instantaneous flow is pulsating. According to experts, this is because in the plunger pump, the process of liquid medium suction and discharge is alternating, and the piston in the displacement process, its speed is constantly changing.

In a pump with only one working chamber, the instantaneous flow rate of the pump not only changes with time, but also is discontinuous. With the increase of the working chamber, the fluctuation amplitude of the instantaneous flow becomes smaller and smaller, even can be regarded as turbulent flow in practice.

For example, it has strong adaptability to the medium. It is reported that the plunger pump can transport any medium in principle, almost free from the physical and chemical properties of the medium. Of course, due to the limitation of the material, manufacturing process and sealing technology of the hydraulic end, sometimes it can not adapt to the situation.

Another example has good self-priming performance, plunger pump not only has good suction performance, but also has good self-priming performance. Therefore, for most reciprocating pumps, it is usually not necessary to pump before starting. Therefore, the machine has high efficiency and energy saving.

With the development of the times, some high-tech technologies promote the rapid development of the high-pressure plunger pump industry. Not only the function of the equipment can be enhanced, but also the types are more diversified to meet the needs of customers.

For example, the main transport object of traditional high-pressure plunger pump is single water or other liquid, gas or slurry that can flow, while the high-pressure plunger pump has been able to transport some solid-liquid mixture, gas-liquid mixture, solid-liquid-gas mixture, and even to transport live objects.

Some manufacturers said that at present, the high-pressure plunger pump industry has a good development space in the domestic market, and the market competition is increasing. If domestic enterprises want to seize the opportunity and achieve breakthrough, they need to invest more energy.

Some experts said: "to realize the technical breakthrough of high-pressure plunger pump products, we must first achieve the breakthrough of casting." Compared with foreign brands, the domestic hydraulic piston pump has a big gap in the advanced technology, reliability, service life, variable mechanism control function and dynamic and static performance index, basically equivalent to the level of foreign countries in the early 90s.

These differences are mainly manifested in the product varieties, performance and reliability, which will indirectly or directly lead to the increase of equipment failure rate.

"Some of our products fail in only one or two months, while those abroad can last for one year. The average time between failures in China is less than 2000 hours, while that in foreign countries can reach more than 8000 hours." Experts said.

In order to further promote the development of domestic high-pressure piston pump, some enterprises and regions have introduced international advanced technology, hydraulic casting experts, quality control experts and software facilities, etc., realizing the re innovation of introduction and absorption, and making breakthroughs in key technologies.

Experts said: "our own products still need market inspection and more user inspection. In the initial stage, popularization and application is a difficult threshold. We call on the relevant departments to give policy support to help our own products go to the market instead of imports, and in turn promote the continuous improvement of the quality of our products. "

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